Institutional Goals & Objectives

  • Goal # 1:
    Maximize a campus culture in which all students can achieve their potential based on Islamic morals and principles, helping them develop understanding, skills, attitudes, and values essential for success in life and become responsible citizens.

  • Goal # 2:
    Impart an advanced, intensive and comprehensive curriculum based on international  professional standards that emphasize on professional practice experience. Promote critical knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to begin a managed care pharmacy career in pharmacy, industry, hospitals and other health care systems.

  • Goal # 3:
    Ensure optimum use of well – equipped classrooms, library, laboratories and IT facilities to impart personalized, self-learning and problem-solving instruction delivery.

  • Goal # 4:
    Foster a safe environment for the faculty and students that is conducive to research and scholarly activities.

  • Goal # 5:
    Comply with International Standards in Examination System.

  • Goal # 6:
    Maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities that promote interaction and involvement with the College for the benefit of the community.

  • Goal # 7:
    Ensure all processes are synergistic, effective and directed towards continuous improvement, by achieving the goals and objectives of the Units of the College, and the Mission and Vision of the College as a whole.