Pharmacovigilance GCC Certification

Starting 5th October 2018


Pharmacovigilance (PV) is a discipline which is mainly concerned with the safety of pharmaceuticals. Due to the increasing need for new drugs, pharmacovigilance is one of the fundamental parts of the product life cycle. That is why the international PV framework of regulations, policies and guidelines are essential to safeguard the public health. In the last few years, GCC countries have strengthened their pharmacovigilance laws and regulations. To market their products in the GCC, pharmaceutical companies will have to comply with both international and national PV requirements. This has created many opportunities for (new) PV professionals to advance their career and strengthen their position in the field of pharmacovigilance.

“Pharmacovigilance GCC Certification” course is designed for students and industry professionals, to advance their career as PV professional. This course will provide attendees with essential knowledge and practices to develop their PV expertise. The attendees will be trained by PV experts within and outside the pharmaceutical industry.

Why to join this Course?
  • To have a better understanding of PV
  • To gain expertise in the field of PV in the GCC region.
  • To continue your learning and development in PV related to the GCC region.
  • To enrich your CV with a PV certificate from Dubai Pharmacy College.
  • Meet new field experts and networking.
  • Receive CME points ( 1 CME point for each module with a total of 10 CME points to be received at the end of the course).


Who should join this Course?
  • Pharma professionals who need more knowledge in the field of Pharmacovigilance.
  • Pharmacists who want to pursue a career as pharmacovigilance professional.
  • Pharmacists & Pharma Professionals who need to be certified by a recognized college.
  • Health care professionals involved in any area of Pharmacovigilance.

    Course Modules
      Pharmacovigilance Basics: Introduction to PV and Classification of ADRs.
      The International Framework for Pharmacovigilance.
      Good Vigilance Practices (GVP)
      Individual Case Safety Report Management
      Safety Communication & Aggregated Safety Reporting
      Signal Management System
      The Pharmacovigilance System and The Pharmacovigilance System Master File
      Risk Management System
      PVRegulations and Reporting Systems in the GCC
      The Role of the MAH & QPPV

    Course Structure: Duration of Course: 7 Weeks
    • One or Two taught modules will be delivered by experts from industries and academia at the Dubai Pharmacy College.
    • The course is conducted twice a year and only Fridays for 7 weeks. 
    • Receive CME points
    • 1 CME point for each module with a total of 10 CME points.

    For more information on the course and registrations, please contact: 04 299 9398, or email or visit us on

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