Goal 1 :

Student Affairs and Student Advisory Unit

1.1. Ensure appropriate guidance for Student Life for the cultural, educational, and social involvement of all students at DPC.
1.2. Ensure appropriate Counseling Services
1.3. Maintain Supervision of Student Union offering students opportunities in leadership, social responsibility and volunteerism
1.4. Organize Student Activities that complements the academic experience leading to Integrative learning
1.5. Strengthen Student Health.
1.6. Ensure satisfactory cafeteria and transportation services
1.7. Foster healthy residence life

Student Advisory Committee

1.8. Impart and coordinate among the mentors in Student Advising to track students’ progress.

Community Engagement

1.9. Sustain the need to recognize community engagement
1.10. Expand our commitment to faculty and student involvement towards community engagement through the process of encouraging cluster groups and developing partnership of the Community
1.11. Provide equal opportunities for all DPC members to understand and articulate the importance of giving back to the community as an engaged citizen.
 1.12. Participate in activities promoting environment protection and sustainability.
 1.13. Participate in health awareness programs like workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars etc.
 1.14. Spread community awareness in the neighborhoods and among students of different secondary schools and colleges other than DPC.