Goal 3 :


Instructional Delivery

3.1.Maintain updated classrooms, laboratories, and IT facilities to meeting the course/study objectives.
3.2.Put into practice self -directed -learning and the problem-based learning, small group work, group discussions.

Educational Informatics Unit (EIU)

3.3. Establish Educational Informatics Unit in Spring 2014.
3.4.Establish virtual learning environment (VLE) available through Moodle/desire2Learn platform starting from Fall 2014.
3.5.Train faculty, students and staff members for use of VLE effectively in teaching and assessment.
3.6.Software enabled OSCE examination.
3.7.Online assessment to replace traditional mode of examination.
3.8.Virtual classrooms


3.9. Maintain a balanced and organized collection of high-quality materials supporting programs offered and provide professional assistance to all its users