Goal 4 :

Research and Ethical Committee

4.1. Attract, recruit and retain researchers of the highest quality and ensure that they operate effectively
4.2. Encourage to undertake research, nationally and internationally.
4.3. Ensure research of the highest quality and of value to society.
4.4. Encourage a thriving community of international researchers and research visitors at all times.
 4.5. Promote research by faculty and students protecting the rights, dignity, health, safety and privacy of research subjects, the welfare of animals and the integrity of the environment.
4.6. Ensure that research on human subjects meets acceptable standards with respect to scientific merit, design, relevance, patients’ safety and privacy, feasibility, ethical and UAE cultural propriety.

Facilities and Laboratory

4.7. Raise awareness/responsibilities.
4.8. Improve housekeeping effectiveness.
4.9. Adhere to Lab Safety Policy.
4.10. Develop the research facilities, Lab, and IT.