Goal 7 :

Institutional Effectiveness & Publication Unit

7.1. Coordinate functions of all units helping them to set goals and objectives in alignment with the institutional goals.
7.2. Identify clear and measurable outcomes tied to the goals and objectives for the Units.
7.3. Guide and monitor the different Units in performing self-assessment and in using the results for improvement of the program.
7.4. Assess the effectiveness of administrative, instructional, and support services of the College through a systematic process of research, planning, implementation and evaluation.
7.5. Provide assessment results to inform decision-making and the allocation of institutional resources effectively.
7.6. Advance the goals and aspirations of the College through publications, advertising and web presence that influence internal and external communications.
7.7 Ensure the college makes significant progress towards reaching “continuous quality improvement” on the Student Learning Outcomes Rubric
      7.7.1. Embed a culture Progarm Review and Assessment
     7.7.2. Institutionalize the SLO cycle: Fall Assessment, Spring Analysis
     7.7.3. Link the Annual Program Review and SLO Assessment Process
     7.7.4. Facilitate Assessment Dialogue Sessions with Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
     7.7.5. Institutionalize the Assessment Management Plan.