Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) In Pharmaceutical Industry

Online Course

This course is designed to help each participant to gain knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the framework of the intellectual property rights relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

By attending this course, participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the key current topics, which they will examine them in more detail through case studies and comprehensive sessions that are being demonstrated by the best experts within the IPR sector in the MENA region.

We are a leading provider of professional trainings for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Relying on our extensive training portfolio with expert instructors and recognized certifications. If you want to understand the rules that govern the Regulation of medical devices in the middle east Market place this course is perfect for you.

Why join this Course?

  • Impart Knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the framework of the intellectual property rights relevant to the pharmaceutical and the health care sectors.
  • Network, and share experiences with other industry colleagues.
  • Get certified from Dubai Pharmacy College as an IPR Professional.
  • A gateway for a new career opportunity

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for law students and graduates or anybody with a pharmaceutical, science, healthcare, biotechnology, chemistry, biosciences, sciences, life sciences sectors, and/or engineering background desirous of specializing in IPR in the pharmaceutical & health care field.

It can also be useful for the below:

  • Healthcare professionals who want to know more about IPR.
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals.
  • Patent Attorneys.
  • Lawyers.

Sessions will start promptly at:

Start at 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm (Dubai Time) Every Sunday

Experience / Prerequisite Experience

  • This course doesn’t require any previous experience in (IPR).
  • We also consider applicants with different backgrounds on a case-by-case basis.
Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and its types- Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc. Philosophical and Economic Justifications of IP Rights
Module 2: Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights conventions.
Module 3: Trademark & its Principles- GCC and International aspect.
Module 4: Copyright & its Principles- GCC and International Scenario.
Module 5: An introduction to patents, and the disclosure requirements.
Module 6: What makes a valid patent? The novelty and non- obviousness requirements.
Module 7: Understanding the Rules and Standards of Patent prosecution.
Module 8: International patent laws and jurisdictions- PCT, USPTO, EPO etc .
Module 9: GCC patent laws and jurisdictions .
Module 10: Pharmaceutical patents .
Module 11: The interface between regulatory and IP exclusivities in pharmaceutical patents.
Module 12: Pharmaceutical Data Protection System /Types of patent search (1. State-of-the-art & Patentability search 2. Freedom to operate search 3. Validity search) .
Module 13: Intellectual Property Rights in various industrial domains: Pharma, agriculture, food & nutrition, biotech etc.
Module 14: Tools and databases of Patent search and patent analytics.
Module 15: Case Studies.

Course Structure & Duration:

  • Course will be delivered online.
  • Participants will be evaluated based on one final assessment by the end of the course that will be conducted online.
  • The course is conducted once a year.
  • The certificate will be issued one month after the course ends.
For more information on the course and registrations, please contact: +971 4 299 9398/ +971 056 2988438 or email or visit us on