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Research is an integral part of DPCG mission. For the development and transmission of knowledge, DPCG has redefined its Strategic Direction under Research and Innovation to synchronize with the first key pillar of UAE Higher Education Excellence Framework 2020.
The research strategy of DPCG has been revised to support the developments in focused areas of research in national and international thrust areas. Each department will identify areas of research in national and international thrust areas and include and prioritize them in their departmental goals for research outcomes.

Department Objectives:

  • Integrate the knowledge of biological and medical sciences to learn the mechanism of action of drugs and other biologically active agents on living cells and organisms. Comprehend the effects of drugs on different organ systems and disease processes, the mechanisms by which drugs produce their therapeutic and toxic effects.
  • Identify the adverse effects, contraindications and drug/drug interactions of all the classes of drugs acting on various biological systems.
  • Detect, categorize, manage and report drug related problem for rational use of medications, cost effectiveness and public safety. Recognize the impact of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care services.
  • Be familiar with the role of pharmacist in drug store management and appropriate use of OTC drugs in specific diseases.
  • Acquaint with the guidelines of Drug distribution systems and policy of dispensing special orders in hospitals.
  • Acquire knowledge of various laws related to pharmaceutical compounds in UAE. Manage the toxicity of chemical, physical, or biological agents on living organisms and the ecosystem


Dr. Mirza R. Baig is currently working as a Professor in Clinical Pharmacy in Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai. He did his PhD in Clinical Pharmacy from University Science Malaysia (USM), Malaysia. He worked in Malaysia, India and have international teaching and research experience of about 18 years. He published 4 books related to Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care. He published about 62 Research papers and articles in International Journals with a recent paper published in Scientific Reports 2019, Nature Journal. He has been invited as a chairperson, speaker and moderator in many International conferences and seminars. He is in the editorial board in various international journals, including reviewer for couple of Elsevier journals. He supervised numerous master and PhD students for their research projects. He also reviewed several Master and PhD thesis for Indian and foreign universities as an external examiner.  His area of research is Pharmacoepidemiology, Drug safety and efficacy, Drug Utilization Studies, Pharamcovigilance, and Public health.
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Prof. Naglaa Gamil Shehab, PhD, is currently working as Chief Academic Officer, Head of Admission Committee, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. Dr. Naglaa Gamil Shehab is a Professor in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapeutics Department, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai, UAE as well as is a Professor in Pharmacognosy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt.
Prof. Naglaa had received her bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1991, her master’s degree in Pharmacognosy in 1999 and the PhD degree in 2004 from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Egypt and has been promoted to Professor from two Places, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, 2015, and Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University, Egypt in 2018. She has experience more than 30 years in teaching. She is a hard worker person as she becomes heads of many units and committee in both colleges, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University and Dubai Pharmacy College including, Head of Admission Committee, head of student’s affairs, head of curriculum, head of faculty development and Research unit, member in examination unit, member in ethical research committee, head of faculty promotion and finally Chief Academic Officer in Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. She is a member in American society of Pharmacognosy and she holds certifications for the nutrition and health. She introduces a new course in Dubai Pharmacy College that not present in other Arabic Countries including UAE, named Natural Medicines, safety and Efficacy which focus on drug herb interaction and the quality control of the supplement. She has background in community training, industrial training, and hospital training as she is a chief academic officer that allows her to communicate with all the training heads in Dubai Pharmacy College.
Dr. Naglaa got the best research award three times from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Amsterdam, Netherland in the Natural Products field. She has been chosen of top two thousand scientific in United Arab Emirates.
She is a reviewer for many international natural products Journals and has published at least forty scientific papers in impact factor journal. She continuously develops her professional career by attending many workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences in the field of education.
Research Field of interest: Extraction, Isolation, characterization, and Phytochemical Investigation of the Medicinal plants with the evaluation of different biological activities. Food or herbs drug interaction.

Hanan S. Anbar, Ph.D. got her Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology & Toxicology) at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Mansoura, Egypt in 2017. She is currently working as an Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology at Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hanan S. Anbar, Ph.D. is the author of several publications in highly reputed international peer-reviewed journals. She has attended many international conferences. She has also peer-reviewed several articles for international journals. She is interested in the treatment of cancer, inflammation, CNS disorders, and hormonal disturbance complications. She has also collaborated with several eminent research scholars and institutions from the USA, UK, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and the Republic of Korea.
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Dr. Gazala Afreen Khan is currently an Associate Professor in Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacotherapeutics at the Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai, UAE. She earned her Master of Science and Ph.D degree in Genetics from Department of Genetics, Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. After completing her PhD in 2004, she accepted a position in Department of Medical Sciences, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. Her research interest includes areas of molecular and microbial genetics and pharmacogenomics. Her present research includes pharmacogenetic polymorphism studies of CYP450 and Glutathione S transferase genes. She has published her work in various peer reviewed journals and presented her research in international conferences.


Ammar Ali Saleh Jaber completed a PhD in clinical pharmacy from Universiti Sains Malaysia, a master's degree from Jamia Hamdard University in India, and a bachelor's degree from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. He has served as a pharmacy lecturer at University Sains Malaysia and Lebanese International University and headed the Clinical Pharmacist team at Yemen International Hospital. Currently, he is an associate professor at Dubai Pharmacy College of Girls and also heads Professional Practice Experience Unit. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience across many disciplines and is passionate about sharing his expertise with the students and helping them achieve their full potential.
His research interests are varied, particularly infectious diseases and health-related quality of life.

Doaa Kamal Eddin AlKhalidi is currently working as Assistant Professor in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapeutics department. Obtained a doctoral degree in Pharmacy Practice from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) in 2020, Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from The University of Jordan in 2010. Awarded a scientific research support scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Amman-Jordan in 2008. The first rank graduate of BPharm graduates from Dubai Pharmacy College in 2002. Areas of research interest include medication safety, pharmacovigilance, and health services research.

Ms. Yosra Lozon is currently working as an assistant lecturer in Pharmacology and toxicology in Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai. She completed her Master in Pharmacology and Toxicology from United Arab  Emirates University (UAEU), Al-Ain, UAE in 2015. She worked at Dubai Pharmacy College since 2006 and has 13 years of experience in laboratory work and teaching. Her area of research is pharmacology of pain and inflammation besides her interest in pharmacology and functional studies of ligand-gated ion channels. other research areas include pharmacy education and public health issues.

Eiman Shamseldin Al Gailani Ali is a qualified clinical pharmacist who graduated from Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls with a BSc in pharmacy followed by an MSc in clinical pharmacy (First Rank). she also holds a MSc in Health care administration from University of Atlanta (USA). She is currently working as Assistant lecturer in clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapeutics department, with teaching commitments on the B.Pharm and M.Pharm  degrees and supervise undergraduate Graduation projects. She is also the Head of Professional Practice Experience Unit. Eiman’s research interests are pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Utilization Research in cardiovascular, cancer, antibiotics and antimicrobial stewardship areas as well as medication error and patient safety, drug adherence and treatment outcomes.

Maram Omar Abbas completed her Bachelor's degree in pharmacy science at Jordan University of Science And Technology in 2011 with an excellent GPA, then obtained a Master's degree in clinical pharmacy at Dubai Pharmacy college for girls with an outstanding GPA in 2021. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student in the public health program at UAEU,2022.She is a licensed pharmacist at Jordan MOH and worked at community pharmacies and inpatient hospitals pharmacy for three years in Jordan. She worked as a lecturer at a private institution in Jordan. In 2014, she was a licensed pharmacist at Saudi MOH and the head of the inpatient chemotherapy preparation pharmacy at NBCC, Riyadh, KSA. She is a registered pharmacist at DHA and currently working as a Lecturer and head of the community engagement committee at Dubai Pharmacy College, UAE. She is a member of the Emirates Public Health Association (EPHA). Research interests are oncology, Breast cancer screening programs awareness, Infectious Disease, Drug Utilization Studies, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacogenomics, Drug safety, and Health promotion & Intervention.

Dr. Semira Abdi Beshir is working as an Associate professor, at Department of Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacotherapeutics. She has previously worked as a lecture and/or assistant professor in Cyberjaya University of Medical Sciences (currently renamed as University of Cyberjaya) in Malaysia and Gulf Medical University. She obtained her Ph. D from University Malaya in 2018 and her Masters in Clinical Pharmacy degree from National University of Malaysia, in 2008. On the other hand, she completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Addis Ababa University in 2006. Her research area focus on drug use evaluation, drug efficacy and safety evaluation, public health, and pharmacy education. She has authored or coauthored several peer reviewed articles in international peer reviewed journals and presented papers at international conferences on these areas. She has supervised and is currently supervising several undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.
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Dr. Kishore Gnana Sam is currently a Professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapeutics, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. He has teaching experience of 20 years in Clinical Pharmacy and served in the UAE for more than 12 years. He served as Executive Secretary in Association of Community Pharmacists, India and as a member of ISPOR- USA, ACCP- Editorial Board for International Journals and a member of the Research and Ethical Committee for DPCG. He also served as Clinical Pharmacist for more than 8 years in a 2500 bed Hospital, Manipal University. India. He completed his Post Doc Clinical Pharmacy training in Wisconsin University Hospital, USA. He established Clinical Pharmacy Services at a Teaching Hospital, UAE. He published more than 60 research papers in reputed, peer reviewed international journals and guided more than 20 students at post graduate level and Pharm D students. His research interest includes designing and coordinating clinical trials, developing clinical practice guidelines, Pharmacovigilance, Toxicovigilance, Drug utilization evaluation, Antibiotic sensitivity pattern, drug formulary and pharmaceutical care programs.

Department Objectives:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills of drug design, synthesis, and characterization of their physicochemical properties.
  • Integrate the knowledge of physicochemical properties of organic molecules in drug designing with their structure activity relationship.
  • Develop skills and competency in analysis of drugs and allied products, and biological compounds by instrumental and classical analytical techniques.
  • Recognize and identify the macromorphological and histological features of different Medicinal Plants organs in both entire and powdered forms so that the students can be able to evaluate the quality of natural drug samples and differentiate between genuine, allied and adulterated drugs.
  • Define the biogentic origin of secondary metabolites and extract, isolate, synthesize, analysis and identify the biological active natural products of plants or animals origin as well as to investigate the therapeutic uses of natural products.
  • Develop public awareness on rational use of medicinal plants as well as social health hazards of drug abuse and misuse of these natural products.


Prof. Saeed Ahmed Khan is currently working as a Dean in Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. Under his Deanship, he initiated two specializations at graduate level: Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Product Development. In collaboration with Professionals Regulatory Affairs certificate course is provided for Continuous Professional Development for healthcare professionals. He has completed his doctoral studies (PhD) in Chemistry in 1985 (University of Delhi, India). Prof. Khan has published several research articles in peer reviewed international journals. He has extensively presented his research at international conferences and symposiums. He has been an invited speaker at various forums and international conferences. His research areas include Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry.


Dr. Fazilatun Nessa, has completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has received her Ph.D. degree (2004) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. She joined at Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls (DPCG) as an Assistant Professor in the year of 2008. At present she is working as a Professor and Head, of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department at DPCG. She has presented her several researches at International Conferences and published a number of research articles in peer reviewed international journals. Her research area comprised of isolation, characterization of bioactive compounds from natural sources, bioactivity evaluation of extracts/isolates, analytical method development/validation and quality-control studies of pharmaceutical/herbal products.

Kholoud Y. I. Abushawish completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy at DPCG in 2014 with CGPA 3.99 (1st rank) and has been a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with DPCG since 2015. She has been assigned the head of General Education and Elective courses at DPCG since 2021. She is currently pursuing her masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry concentration, at Sharjah University with the thesis entitled Metabolomics and proteomics (multi-Omics) based comparative study of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines with drug resistant hepatocellular carcinoma (MDR- HCC) cell lines assessed by (TIMS-QTOF) mass spectroscopy. Her research interests cover several aspects, including metabolomics and proteomics cancer biomarkers, early diagnosis and treatment follow-up, using Mass-Spectroscopy, metabolomics and proteomic studies and the bioactivity of medicinal plants.
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Ms. Susan George is working as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai, UAE. She started her tenure with DPCG in September 2013. Before working in DPCG, Susan has worked in Syngene International Limited (A Biocon Company), India, as Senior Scientist in Analytical Instrumentation, for 6 years. Susan obtained her Master of Science in Chemistry in 2004 from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 2002 from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India. She is responsible for taking the Practical Courses of Organic Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products. Her research interests are focused on pharmaceutical analysis using Instrumental techniques for the quality control studies of pharmaceutical and herbal products. She is experienced in handling analytical instruments like HPLC, GC, FT-IR, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer etc.

Department Objectives:

  • The concept of the formulation of different dosage forms (solutions, disperse systems, semisolids, and solids), principle of dosage form design, embracing controlled, targeted and advanced drug delivery systems. In addition to theories of physics needed as a base for understanding the previous pharmaceutical processes and the properties of materials used for delivery of biologically active molecules.
  • Principles of biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, bioequivalence studies, and how to apply Physico-chemical properties of medicines, biological systems  and such knowledge in the design of new drugs and their formulations as well as  assessment of their chemical and physical stabilities and the proper use of medicines in the treatment of disease and improvement of patient's  quality of life.
  • The basic concept of different pharmaceutical unit operations performed in related to the production and development processes, starting from the raw materials and ending with the finished product brought to the market suitable for its purpose, including molecular and industrial techniques for production of biotechnological and recombinant products.
  • Good pharmaceutical manufactur¬ing practice (GPMP) and its quality assurance of pharmaceutical products and processes, packaging and labeling purposes, design, and evaluation, pharmacopoeial and regulatory requirements, stability of medicines, and evaluation and control of biological, chemical, and physical degradation.


Dr. Bazigha K. Abdul Rasool is currently serving as a Professor and Head of the Pharmaceutics Department, at Dubai Pharmacy College, Dubai, UAE.
She has done her Master's and Doctorate degrees in Pharmaceutics at the College of Pharmacy- University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq with high research output in the area of peptides-loaded nanoparticulate delivery systems.
Prof. Bazigha's primary research interest is in the area of advanced drug delivery systems (DDSs) and drug targeting besides pharmaceutical formulation and dosage form design. In the area of DDSs, her work has involved the formulation and evaluation of innovative nanoparticles, microparticulate and vesicular drug carriers for drug targeting to specific biological sites and to improve the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of drugs and consequently their therapeutic effectiveness and patients’ compliance. She published book chapters and more than 50 research articles in indexed and peer-reviewed journals in the fields of pharmaceutics, pharmacy education, and pharmacy practice.
Prof. Bazigha is recognized as one of the Top 2000 Scientists, AD Scientific Indexing in the United Arab Emirates 2023 (H index 16; Local Ranking 879) and 2022 (H index 15; Local Ranking 992). She was also granted the Excellence in Research Award at the 2nd Forum for “Women in Research”, 2021 by Sharjah University, UAE. She was nominated for Venus International Women Awards 2016, 2017, and 2022 in India. Nomination Code: F. No. 319 / VIWA 2016. In addition, she was a Who’s Who in the World, America’s Biography 23rd Ed., 2015.
The outstanding research productivity of Prof. Bazigha has established her as a member of the editorial board and a reviewer for several international scientific pharmaceutical journals and as a keynote speaker, chairperson, organizer, and scientific evaluator in highly reputed international conferences in the field of pharmacy and drug manufacturing.
Prof. Bazigha has more than 20 years of teaching experience in pharmaceutics at both graduate and postgraduate levels. furthermore, she supervised many of the graduate students for their master's thesis as well as undergraduate students for their graduate research projects.
Due to her long and fruitful experience in the academic field, she occupied several academic and administrative positions such as Head of the Examination & Evaluation Unit, Head of the Professional Training Unit, Head of Laboratory & Safety, Head of Research & Faculty Development, Member of Research Evaluation Committee, Member of Program Review & Assessment Committee and Member of Internal Audit and Quality Assurance Unite.
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Prof. Aliasgar Shahiwala with more than 20 years of teaching and research experience, Prof. Shahiwala is currently a Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. Prof. Shahiwala received his master's and a doctorate in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, INDIA, with high research output in novel drug delivery. His Postdoctoral Research at Northeastern University, USA, was explicitly focused on nanotechnology applications in drug delivery and drug targeting.
Dr. Shahiwala serves as an Editor in Chief for Madridge Journal of Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation, Madridge Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, and Guest Associate Editor for Biomedical Nanotechnology, Frontiers in Nanotechnology.
In addition to his academic experience, Prof. Shahiwala also received more than three years of industrial experience in the Formulation and Development division of large-scale manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, i.e., Torrent Research Centre and Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited in India, as an added technical expertise in his field.
His current research interests are integrating targeted nanocarriers with traditional and biotechnology-based medicines in treating chronic and infectious diseases. He wishes to collaborate with industries to translate the developed projects into commercially viable products.

Dr. Rana M.F Sammour is an Assistant Professor at Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls in the Pharmaceutics department. She is teaching different courses such as Introduction to Pharmacy, Social and Behavior Aspects of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics II, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics.
The interest of Dr. Rana's research is mainly in drug development and novel drug delivery systems and her work has been published in respected peer-reviewed journals.
Dr. Rana received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology from International Islamic University of Malaysia, Pahang, Malaysia in 2021. She received her Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology, from Ajman University, Ajman, UAE in 2014 and the BPharm in Pharmacy from Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai, UAE in 2004, and her Moreover, Rana is handling the position of "Head of the Students Affairs Unit" in Dubai Pharmacy College since 2019. Her role is to ensure the appropriate guidance for all students and to organize student activities that complement the academic experience leading to Integrative learning.

Al Zahraa Khalifa
Al Zahraa Khalifa is an Assistant Lecturer in the Pharmaceutics department, Dubai Pharmacy College with more than 14 years of academic experience. Zahraa has completed her B. Pharm (2008) and M. Pharm in Pharmaceutical product development (2016) both with Honors at Dubai Pharmacy College. She is currently completing her PhD in Pharmaceutical drug delivery. Zahraa is also holding the position of Head of graduate affairs and career guidance unit at Dubai Pharmacy College. She is involved in several research activities; her primary research interest is the development of nano-systems for advanced drug delivery.
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Yasmein Yaser Salem
Ms Yasmein is currently working as a research assistant in the department of Pharmaceutics. She completed her BPharm from Dubai Pharmacy College (2019) and is currently pursuing her MPharm Pharmaceutical Product Development.