At Dubai Pharmacy College, our aim is to produce good professional pharmacists and we seek the co-operation of parents in achieving this goal. The infrastructure, amenities are of top class and the Islamic and academic atmosphere is congenial for learning.

  • Do keep in regular touch with the Faculty Advisor of your daughter.
  • Be aware of your daughter’s Academic Progress especially attendance, internal assessment and marks in the College examinations.
  • Remit all the Payments like tuition fees, hostel facility fee directly to DPC n time.
  • Be aware of your daughter’s Monthly Expenditure and mode of expenditure.
  • We may need to Contact You sometimes Urgently especially in case of emergency. Hence it is essential that any change in address, phone numbers and e-mail be informed promptly to the College.
  • Report or warning will be sent to your e-mail.
  • Do not encourage your daughter to extend their holiday and stay at home when she visits the family during vacation. She may end up with attendance shortage.
  • Please keep us informed, if the student has a History of Illness.
  • In case of Health Problems for minor illness, the students can attend our Dubai Medical Centre which is situated in the campus and get treated. If the ill-health warrants inpatient care, the student will be admitted. For minor ailments with short stay the parents may not be informed, but in case of emergencies, they will be informed as early as possible.
  • Provide Medical Certificate, in the case of illness, or Leave Note duly signed by you, in the case of emergency situations.
  • It is imperative that parents keep in regular touch with the institution officials especially in case of Poor Academic Performers.


Mrs. Suad(Head,Finance)
+971 4 2120 301.

Mrs. Eman(In-charge - Dean's Office & Head,Student Enrollment and Records)
+971 4 2120 321.

Sadaf sana(Student Counselor)
+971 4 212 0377.