In alignment with the UAE Higher Education Excellence Framework, in which Research and Innovation are one of the four key pillars, research is of utmost importance at DPCG. DPCG Research and Faculty Development Unit support and promote research, scholarship, and creative activity by leveraging external and internal resources, cultivating collaborative opportunities, conforming to compliant and ethical behavior, and supporting technology commercialization.

Research Opportunities at DPCG

Faculty Research

Research is an integral component of faculty recruitment and promotion at DPCG. The institution supports faculty research in every possible way, including:

  • Internal funding for research
  • Identifying opportunities for sponsored research.
  • Assisting with the preparation of external grant applications and identifying potential collaborators.
  • Providing workshops to educate about the external grant application process.
  • Advocating for our faculty with external research sponsors and collaborators.
  • Fostering the creation, management, and technology transfer of intellectual property.
  • Reporting research performance metrics to stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  • Encourage Faculty members to attend conferences & seminars.
  • Encourage Faculty members to present papers at conferences & seminars.
  • Providing Financial support for publications/patents/conference participation.
  • Organizing research-related events & workshops.
  • Provide workload adjustments and release time.

Undergraduate Research

The students in the fourth year of B.Pharm are required to complete a graduation/capstone research project under the supervision of a DPCG faculty as a part of their degree requirement. The students conduct research in their preferred area related to the pharmacy in a group setting.

Graduate Research

M. Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy) students conduct an independent research project under the supervision of senior research-active faculty of the Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapeutics department during their second year of the study.

Research Ethics and Integrity

DPCG is committed to pursuing research excellence and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior in all its research endeavors and does not tolerate any departure from these standards. DPCG fully subscribes to the generally accepted international best practices on research integrity, scientific freedom and responsibility, scholarly publications, and guidelines.

  • Research proposals must be approved before conducting any research at DPCG.
  • Research involving human subjects and animal research that comes under the scope of DPCG is required to submit the Human/Animal study protocol for DPCG REC approval.
  • Persons involved in research should abide by all other legislation, regulations, best research practices, and policies.