Pharmacy Automation Webinar (6-7 April 2021)

We invite you for a free webinar organized by GULF DRUGS & DPCG on the Application of automation and its safety.

Please register for the session from the below link. A certificate will be provided after DUPHAT. (Microsoft team link will be provided after registration)


Day 1 (6th of April) : 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

- "Pharmacy Graduation Journey" conducted by Ph. Ayaa Jalabi  at 10:30  am

- "Automation in Pharmacy "  conducted by Dr. Mirza Baig at 11:00 am

- "How to improve pharmacy workflow with automation in In-Patient hospitals" conducted by Ph. Solav Ali at 11:30 am

- "Community, medical students and senior medical practitioner perception about pharmacy automation" conducted by Ph. Tarek Shahin at 12:00 pm

Day 2 ( 7th of April) : 10.30 am to 12.00 pm

- "Pharmacy automation cycle and workflow" conducted by Ph. Ayaa Jalabi at 10:30 am

- "Implementation medication safety measures across the hospital through automation" conducted by Dr. Omar AlSokhni at 11:00 am

- "Medication safety & precautions in handling automation" conducted by Dr. Ammar Jaber at 11:30 am