Dubai Pharmacy College Joins Hands with AAU and GMU to Create a Standardized Exit Exam

In a landmark move to enhance the quality of pharmacy education across the UAE, Dubai Pharmacy College teamed up with the Colleges of Pharmacy at Al-Ain University and Gulf Medical University to launch a unified exit exam initiative. This collaboration aims to standardize the assessment of pharmacy graduates, ensuring they meet high professional standards and are well-prepared for their careers in healthcare.

This initiative serves to ensure that our pharmacy graduates possess the necessary competencies for professional success and readiness for practice and employability in both local and international job markets.

Central to this initiative are the efforts of the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), whose advocacy for best practices in programmatic assessment has been provided huge support and driving force. This initiative lays the groundwork towards the establishment of a common national exit exam for all pharmacy graduates in the UAE, setting a standardized competency benchmark across the country.

Prof. Sherief Khalifa, Dean Dubai College of Pharmacy commented: This project is the first step towards having a unified exit exam across the UAE. It serves to ensure that all pharmacy graduates in the country exhibit the UAE Professional Competencies for pharmacy graduates. It will also serve to bring all pharmacy academicians together to engage in wider discussions related to advancing pharmacy education and practice. I am extremely proud of this partnership with Al Ain University and Gulf Medical University.

Prof. Mohammad Ghattas, Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University, commented: "This unified exit exam is a significant step forward in ensuring that our pharmacy graduates are evaluated with the highest standards. Our goals with this initiative are to learn from each other, benchmark our curriculums, maintain the areas of strength, and improve on weaknesses. We believe this experience will also encourage other institutions to join us in adopting these good practices”.

Prof. Muhammad Al-Shorbagy, Dean College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University commented: "The unified exit exam is a pivotal advancement in standardizing pharmacy education across the UAE. This initiative ensures our graduates meet the highest professional standards, enhancing their readiness for the healthcare sector. It also underscores our commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement among the leading pharmacy colleges”.