Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Department Objectives:
  1. Acquire knowledge and skills of drug design, synthesis, and characterization of their physicochemical properties.
  2. Integrate the knowledge of physicochemical properties of organic molecules in drug designing with their structure activity relationship.
  3. Develop skills and competency in analysis of drugs and allied products, and biological compounds by instrumental and classical analytical techniques.
  4. Recognize and identify the macromorphological and histological features of different Medicinal Plants organs in both entire and powdered forms so that the students can be able to evaluate the quality of natural drug samples and differentiate between genuine, allied and adulterated drugs.
  5. Define the biogentic origin of secondary metabolites and extract, isolate, synthesize, analysis and identify the biological active natural products of plants or animals origin as well as to investigate the therapeutic uses of natural products.
  6. Develop public awareness on rational use of medicinal plants as well as social health hazards of drug abuse and misuse of these natural products.


Prof. Saeed Ahmed Khan is currently working as a Dean in Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls. Under his Deanship, he initiated two specializations at graduate level: Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Product Development. In collaboration with Professionals Regulatory Affairs certificate course is provided for Continuous Professional Development for healthcare professionals. He has completed his doctoral studies (PhD) in Chemistry in 1985 (University of Delhi, India). Prof. Khan has published several research articles in peer reviewed international journals. He has extensively presented his research at international conferences and symposiums. He has been an invited speaker at various forums and international conferences. His research areas include Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry.
Dr.Fazilatun Nessa, Ph.D. is working as Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, Dubai, UAE. She has completed her Ph.D. studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. She has presented her several researches at International Conferences and published a number of research articles in peer reviewed international journals. Her research area comprised of isolation, characterization of bioactive compounds from natural sources, bioactivity evaluation of extracts/isolates, analytical method development/validation and quality-control studies of pharmaceutical/herbal products.
Kholoud Y. I. Abushawish completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2014 with CGPA 3.99 (1st rank). She is currently working as Teaching Assistant in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry since 2015. Her research area of interest include in Phytochemical screening and biological testing of natural product extracts.
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Ms. Susan George has been working in Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls, as Assistant lecturer in the department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry since September 2013. She has done her Masters in Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India. Her research interests are Pharmaceutical analysis using conventional methods and Instrumental techniques.