Student Union

There is a Student Union consisting of members from student community elected from all years of B. Pharm. The elections are held regularly at the beginning of each academic year.

Student Union serves as the principal student programming organization at DPC. The Student Union is responsible for providing a balanced programme of social, religious, recreational, and cultural activities for the College aiming to make free time activity a co-operative facet with study. The Student's Union helps also to maintain close links between the College administration, staff, and the students, links which are essential for efficient functioning of the College.

Student Union Election Procedure-+

Student Union elections are held in each academic year according to the rules and regulations framed by the College administration the following in the procedure for election:

  • Administration of the College should undertake issuing of the decision about the formation of a Student Union Election Committee in a certain time period, which should be within two weeks from the beginning of the new academic year.
  • This Election Committee should hold free and fair elections to select the Union Board and all other office bearers.
  • Each student of the College has the right to nominate herself for only one position in the Union Board.
  • After casting of the votes by the students, the counting of the votes should be done publicly and the invalid votes should be cancelled.
  • The results of the election are announced on the same day of the election.
  • The Union positions could be occupied uncontested. 
  • The proportional representation of the College students, in the Union should be taken into consideration.
  • The period of the elected Student Union Board is only one academic year.

Working rules for Student Union Board-+

Responsibilities of the Student Union Board Members-+

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