Campus Facilities

Dubai Pharmacy College (DPC) provides all educational support facilities to its students. The students get the best scientific training and knowledge which will make them eligible as pharmacists to boost the vast scientific and industrial development of U.A.E.

The Central Library, housed in the DPC extension adjacent to DPC which offers an excellent environment for study. It is available to students at various stages of study.

Opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday7.30am – 3.00pm
Friday8.00am – 1.00pm
Saturday9.00am – 3.00pm

The College building, is a two floor namely the ground and the upper level. The ground floor has the Dean's office, Faculty office, Laboratories. on the ground floor has five laboratories, a model pharmacy with a drug information center, administrative and faculty offices, a meeting room and a reception section. On the first floor, are housed three laboratories, four lecture rooms, student's union office, students' common room, and chemical and glassware store. The animal house is located in a building adjacent to the College. Besides the above facilities, the College is supported by a Machine Room (Industrial unit) situated in the Lootah's Educational Campus for conducting training and practicals in Pharmaceutics-I & II and Pharmaceutical technology courses.

DPC possesses well-equipped laboratories for each discipline. There are eight laboratories in the College premises equipped with scientific apparatus and equipment required for practical and scientific investigations. Some laboratories are in Dubai Medical College and are common to both the Colleges. The laboratories are:

DPC provides hostel facility for students who apply for it. It is close to the College and has well-furnished bedrooms, dining room, study room and all the required facilities. Besides these facilities, internet connection is available in each room to aid them in preparing their notes and seminars. On each floor of the hostel there is a provision for praying and a gymnasium club. Students can obtain advice on accommodation from the hostel Supervisor.

DPC has special minibuses for transporting students from Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai and hostel. These buses are fully air-conditioned and quite comfortable. They are used for field trips and educational tours too.

A well-furnished auditorium, located in DMCG, is spacious and suitable for any cultural occasion. It has become a regular venue for all social and cultural activities of DPC.

Students who experience personal, emotional and social difficulties and may need counseling or support. DPC provides students with counseling services through a trained student counselor who helps them to cope up with a wide variety of student matters.

The College arranges to provide health care facilities to students living in the hostels. DPC has a contract for health care with its sister organization Dubai Specialized Medical Centre and Research Labs . DMC doctors do periodical checkup for all the students. Those found ill are taken care of by them. In severe cases the hostel authorities send the resident students to Dubai Government hospitals.

DPC provides study room facilities for its students, which may be utilized by them in their break hours and also by hostel students after the class hours. These study rooms are located in DMCG and are well furnished with all required facilities. The students have an easy access to these study rooms and are free to use all facilities present there like computers with Internet and Journals.

The Computer Laboratory, well equipped with thirty three computers, have Internet connections along with thirty three auditory systems. Besides this Computer Laboratory, the College enjoys full technical guidance, support and know- how from the Information Technology (IT) department, which is its sister organization and is adjacent to DPC campus.

The College has mosques inside its campus for faculty, staff and female students which sustains the Islamic atmosphere in the College.

Cafeteria adjoining the College is spacious and hygienic. It offers food and beverages of students' choice. Thus it's a rendezvous for students to relax and enjoy during breaks.

In the campus there is a swimming pool, basketball court and gymnasium club. These facilities help the students in maintaining proper physical fitness.

There is a bookshop in the College which sells textbooks at subsidized rates of various subjects taught in the College. The bookshop also provides services on photocopying at a minimal charge.