Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements:
  • 1.A minimum High School Average of 85% for Advanced Track or 80% for Elite Track or equivalent in Standardized International Systems is required with no admission of General Track applicants.
  • 2.An Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT) score of 1100 for English Language or an equivalent English Proficiency Test approved by the CAA.(IELTS Academic 5.0 /TOEFL-IBT 61)
  • 3.An EmSAT score of 800 for Arabic Language.
  • 4.An EmSAT score of 900 in Mathematics or equivalent, plus scores of 900 in two of the three science subjects (Chemistry, Biology or Physics).
In the case that EmSAT scores in Mathematics and two science subjects are not available, a candidate shall sit an equivalent Admission Exam designed by DPCG which includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

    5. Passing a personal interview set by DPCG
Additional Requirements:
  • 1.Students of GCSE/IGCSE curriculum must have completed five subjects (Biology or Human Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Mathematics or additional Mathematics or Statistics, and Physics) at the ordinary level with at least 2 B’s and 3 C’s grades, plus two subjects (Biology and Chemistry) at the GCE Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced level with at least C grade.
  • 2.Students of International Baccalaureate Diploma must have completed six subjects with three at the standard level and three at the higher level with minimum 30 diploma points (equivalent grade of 85%) fulfilling following mandatory courses requirement:
  • 3.Standard or Higher level Math
  • 4.Standard or Higher level Biology
  • 5.Standard or Higher level Chemistry

The Interview Process.

Based on the CAA Standards 2019: Applications are initially screened by the Head of Enrollments and Records for completeness of requested information, adequacy of the applicant’s course work, and grades. Other committee members then review each screened application with regard to the applicant’s personal characteristics and qualifications.

Based on this initial screen, the most qualified applicants are then invited for an on-campus interview with one member of the Admissions Committee and a faculty or staff member. Towards the end of the interview, the applicant is given the opportunity to ask questions about various aspects of the program. All off-campus applicants have the opportunity to meet individually with a staff member to address any questions regarding professional program prerequisite completion or other issues of concern.

All interviews are conducted once the application documents are screened and verified by the Head of Enrollment and Records. Students are notified if they will be admitted, wait-listed, or denied admission. In making admissions decisions, the Committee evaluates student attributes and a set of admissions criteria that are established by the Admissions Committee and is reviewed annually.

Candidates should submit a certificate in proof of having good character and provide evidence for their emotional, social and academic maturity from the Head of the Institution last attended. Additionally, to attract talented students scholarship must be offered

DPCG Conditional Admission

Conditional admission will be allowed for not achieving the Arabic Language EmSAT score but not for English Language, Mathematics and Science subjects (or equivalent admission test in these subjects) or overall High School Certificate, as above.


Documents Required

The following documents will be required to be submitted along with the application form.  The original certificates should be brought in person by the applicant at the time of interview.

  • Provisional certificate of the examination passed (Higher Secondary) based on which admission is sought.
  • Equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education, UAE.
  • Mark-sheet of the examination passed.*
  • Leaving certificate from the school last attended.
  • Six passport size color photographs.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Character certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended.
  • Copy of the passport and resident visa (for expatriate students only).
  • Medical certificate.
  • A document certifying TOEFL/IELTS requirements.

*Note: School certificates from outside UAE should be attested from a place of issue:

a) Country of Study

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Embassy

a) UAE

  •     Equivalency certificate from Ministry of Education